a thought for you …

a thought on catching up

Posted by carrie in February 9, 2012

well hello there! it’s really been just about a year since i have written anything here, and what a year it has been!

the biggest and by far the best thing to happen in the past year was the birth of my beautiful baby girl in october:

an early smile - taken when she was 2 days old and still in the hospital.

such a proud big brother holding his sister for the first time!

one of her first social smiles caught on camera.

yes, it was an exciting year around our house. the pregnancy itself did not come without its complications and difficulties, but all of that is so easily forgotten when you finally get to hold that little baby in your arms and hear that healthy, hearty baby cry. she really is a sweet baby and we are so happy and blessed to have her in our lives.
i was reading through the list of things i had hoped to knit in 2011 – and i have to say that i accomplished exactly … um … none of them. none!! ha ha! most of them are still on my list of things i’d like to do, but i just didn’t get to them. i have found that i really don’t knit many things for myself. i knit a lot of things for other people and for my kids, but very few for myself. i have done countless hats and scarves and baby things this year. in fact, i just finished knitting a poncho for my baby girl the other day. i’m currently working on some gifts for friends who are having babies, and i really need to get those needles clicking in order to get anything done in time!
so anyway, i’m here, i’m back for now. we’ll see if i can keep up with this blogging thing a little better now. i feel like i have finally returned to a past version of myself.. older and wiser, but happier and more optimistic. :) that’s a good thing.

no thoughts …

Posted by carrie in March 3, 2011

it’s been a while! but i really don’t have anything interesting and exciting to share. it’s been a pretty quiet month. february was here and gone in a flash!

the next few weeks bring the craziness of “march madness,” which to a musical director means something completely different than a sports enthusiast. it is musical month! many long hours of rehearsal are ahead of us this month, with opening night of hairspray on april 1. it’s coming together quite well, but we still have a scarily long way to go in the next 4 weeks.

i have not been sleeping well lately, which does not bode well for an energetic mom or enthusiastic teacher. i have instead been tossing and turning from about 1-4am each night over the last week or two, so i’m pretty exhausted right now.so looking forward to the weekend and catching up on some much-needed sleep!

a thought on 12 for 2011 …

Posted by carrie in January 21, 2011

i just read this idea on a forum post on ravelry and decided to do it too: a list of 12 objects i’d like to knit up this year! i really feel like a big dork sometimes when i try to explain my knitting (or defend it) to people who don’t do it, but nonetheless i am excited about it. so here is my list of 12.

1. the camp hoodie from spud & chloe, designed by susan b. anderson. i have already started this project, and it will be my first “big” garment. i am super excited about this one! i love everything about it. my main color is a dark denim blue, with contrasting colors of sage, amethyst, taupe, and vintage teal. my 2nd finished object so far this year was the coordinating hat to the camp hoodie, although it turned out too small for my big head!

2. 4 squares blanket by bernat design studio. i would love to get this knitted for our cousin who is expecting her first child in february.

3. baby sophisticate by linden down. i adore this little sweater! it would be a good fall project to get ready for my son for the winter.

4. lace topper by lisa akers. i searched and searched for this pattern after seeing someone at the boardwalk this summer looking very chic in something similar. however, at the time, the pattern was wayyyyy beyond my ability. maybe this summer i’ll feel like i can take it on.

5. take five socks by dee kissinger. it’s time – i’ve been knitting for just about a year now – it’s time i learn how to knit socks!

6. echo flower shawl by jenny johnson johnen. how pretty is this?

7. wonderful wallaby by carol anderson. another thing to knit for my son. for some reason, child-sized sweaters seem less intimidating than ones for myself! (how cute is the baby in this picture?) 

8. long kimono vest by dawn leeseman. i found a sweater at kohl’s that i adored, but was made of very scratchy wool, which i cannot stand. i’ve been looking for a cool pattern of something similar, and this is pretty close! an intimidating project!

9. girl friday by mercedes tarasovich-clark. i must have a thing for teal these days because i keep finding patterns in this color and loving them. this just looks super comfy and cute to me!

10. branching out by susan lawrence. another one that i just really like!

11. lavender jacket by anna & heidi pickles. who wouldn’t want to knit something by someone named pickles?

and finally, perhaps the most important of all, i give you #12:

twilight finger puppet by nicole mcreynolds. need i say more?

however, i do not know how to crochet, and i really have no desire to learn how. i need to find a knitting pattern for edward!

wish me luck on my wish list for 2011! i hope to actually accomplish half of them this year – it’s a pretty ambitious list. unless i decide to quit my job so i can knit. :)

a thought on carter’s cookie mix…

Posted by carrie in December 13, 2010

so i had this brilliant idea to do that cookie-mix-in-a-jar for Carter’s grandparents, great-grandmother, teachers, etc. for christmas. i figured it’s something that he is capable of helping to put together, and who doesn’t love cookie mix?

off we went to wegman’s to do our grocery shopping and get the cookie mix supplies. i found out that ball mason jars only come in packs of 12, when i was aiming for 6. oh well, more cookie mix to make! we scurried around and got the rest of the ingredients, and a few hours later, set out to put the jars together.

carter lasted through about 2 jars, and then i was on my own. he was way too distracted by the curly ribbon that we’re using to tie the recipe onto the jar. he has been running around with a giant string of ribbon for over an hour now!
ingredients layered in the jar:
1 cup quick-cooking oats (42 oz total)
2/3 c brown sugar (4 lbs total)
Mixed together: 1 cup flour (5-lb bag) + 1/2 tsp baking powder + 1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup chopped walnuts (32 oz total)
1/2 cup chocolate chips (2- 23oz bags)
1/2 cup craisins (24 oz total)

don’t the layers look pretty in the jar?

we attached a card labeled “Carter’s Cookie Mix” with the contents and directions on the back:
Empty contents and stir. Mix in 1/2 cup softened butter, 1 slightly beaten egg, 1 Tbsp milk, and 1 tsp vanilla. Drop dough by teaspoons about 2 inches apart onto ungreased cookie sheets. Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes. Makes 24 cookies.

other supplies needed:
4×6 index cards
curly ribbon
1 qt. mason jars ($9.99 for 12)

all packed up and waiting to be put into gift bags

(taken from parenting magazine)


a thought on Edward …

Posted by carrie in November 21, 2010

i love him.

no, seriously. i’m in my (*ahem) thirties and i have a crush on him like i was a teenager. it’s ridiculous.

in case you are dead to the world and don’t know who Edward is, i will fill you in. Edward Cullen *sigh* is the love interest in the twilight series. he is a vampire who doesn’t drink human blood and whose skin sparkles in the sunlight.  i think it is partly his unending and complete love for bella that makes him so irresistable … the way he goes to the ends of the earth for her …

and of course it helps that i think Robert Pattinson is gorgeous and adorable too. and he sings, plays piano, and plays guitar. he can be heard singing on the twilight movie soundtrack… just makes me melt to hear his voice!

mmmm….. Edward!

at first, i wanted nothing to do with the twilight books. i didn’t know much about them, but didn’t care to. i teach high school, and the fact that my students were swooning over Edward and jacob just turned me off. but then a friend of mine read them and said i really should too. after a few months, i finally picked them up … and couldn’t put them down! i read new moon on the monday after last thanksgiving, actually. these books are huge, over 600 pages, but i sat and read it all day long. i have now reread them three or four times.

my friend cristin shares my love of Edward. we went to see the midnight showing of the eclipse premiere in june. every once in a while we get a “hankering” for some Edward, and last night she came over and we watched twilight and new moon. :) “marry me, bella.” *sigh!

he is definitely on my list.

a thought on how i can’t breathe …

Posted by carrie in November 4, 2010

lots of stuff hanging in the balance right now. an insane week ahead.

friday: field trip to other city with my students. 630am-9pm.

saturday: leave 7am to go to college town for a weekend festival.

sunday: event at 2:30, return home at 8pm. grades for 1st marking period due at midnight.

monday: teaching, musical rehearsal after school.

tuesday: field trip to nearby town with my students. 7:30am-10pm.

wednesday: teaching, musical rehearsal after school. Home time: 9pm.

thursday: two veteran’s day assemblies at school where i have students performing. (but at least i’ll be home at a normal time.)

friday: performing in an assembly for the school, as well as a show at night.

whew! when will have a chance to breathe??? and spend time with my family??

some random thoughts …

Posted by carrie in October 16, 2010

i’m up too early to be happy on a saturday. darling boy woke me up promptly at 6:45 and he’s been whining ever since. great.

we are taking a drive out to state college today to visit some friends and their new baby. i wonder if he’s still trying 40 on for size?

got my hair cut this week and not sure i like it. next appointment isn’t until the end of december!

got some heartbreaking news from a friend this week. she’s in my thoughts all the time and i wish there were something i could do. please pray.

we made a cake this week. from scratch. it wasn’t too bad, but it sunk in the middle like crazy. it’s probably the ugliest cake ever.

why are my tomatoes getting brown spots on them? it freaks me out.

i have all but given up on my sweater project. it takes so long to accomplish any of it and i don’t have a lot of extra time to knit right now. it’s just sitting there in the closet waiting for me to return.

*sigh. time to get moving.

a thought on shopping …

Posted by carrie in October 2, 2010

well, here i am. blog.com hasn’t been working very well in the last few weeks so i haven’t been able to get anything up on here. finally, i was able to get the “new post” page to load after 5 tries tonight … we’ll see if this makes it up!

i’m feeling better since my last very depressing post. that was a very dark moment i suppose. still struggling with the same issues, but they seem to have let up somewhat and i am functioning like a normal person currently. that’s a good thing

a small but exciting thing in my world: my darling boy wrote his name for the first time yesterday! he’s been working on it at preschool, but this is the first time he’s done it for us at home. appropriately, he wrote it on a card for his teacher’s last day. and although it does bear resemblance to the word easter, it does in fact say carter and he did it all by himself. :) check it out!

so, a thought on shopping. i am ridiculously excited to shop tomorrow for galoshes for my son and myself! we are visiting a pumpkin patch tomorrow afternoon, and after 8″ of rain yesterday, we are anticipating a muddy patch. hurray for women’s galoshes!

i have also spent a significant amount of time this evening searching for 60′s costumes. i will be performing in “SHOUT! the mod musical” next month at school (we’re doing a teacher show as a fundraiser!) and have been on the hunt for yellow 60′s dresses. i hit the jackpot on ebay! i have 3 bids in for 7.99 each for vintage 60′s dresses!

this one is handmade – i think it’s adorable!

Handmade Vintage 60's 70's Yellow embroidered dress

here’s my 70′s look … (although i will surely have to hem this to fit my 5’0 frame)

60s 70s Yellow Slinky Gown White Lace Trim VANITY FAIR

and this one’s my favorite. love the sleeves!

Vtg 60s MOD Yellow Floral SUNBURST ANGEL SLV Mini Dress

i have a few backups tagged just in case i don’t win them but aren’t they fun? keep your fingers crossed for me.

a busy weekend ahead:
- tomorrow: shopping, pumpkin patch, & pizza party 
- sunday: road trip

followed by a busy week at school: 
- monday: rehearsal after school 
- tuesday: video conference and guest speaker 
- wednesday: faculty meeting, SHOUT rehearsal, and grades due 
- thursday: guest speaker all day plus auditions after school then going to see straight no chaser thursday night!

whew! really looking forward to that personal day on friday!

a thought on side effects …

Posted by carrie in September 14, 2010

i’ve been in a funk for a while now. i’m not motivated to do anything – get out of bed, go to work, see or even talk to friends, and worst of all, play with my son. i can’t seem to shake this bad mood. i cry all the time. at the drop of a hat, it feels like the weight of the world is on my shoulders, and for no good reason. all I want to do is lay in bed and watch tv. sometimes i am motivated to knit (although i’ve let my raglan sweater take a backseat for a while – a project that i was so excited about all summer). last night (after an hour of crying) i picked up a book at 11pm just because if i read, my brain will turn off all of the thoughts inside. it’s been pretty awful being inside my head for a while, and takes me back to the days of college when i fought depression. 

i am currently undergoing medical treatment (which i won’t discuss now but maybe in the future i will be ready to) for which i am taking a new medication. i finally put 2 and 2 together this weekend and realized that the medication is to blame for this dark cloud that’s been over my head. i was warned by my doctor that it could have some pretty awful side effects on my mood (and other things too), so it’s not a complete surprise, but still … it seems pretty backwards that something that is supposed to help one problem causes an entirely new one … a problem that has  been pretty much dormant for 10+ years.

after talking with some friends on saturday who i hadn’t seen in a while (my doing, not theirs), i finally put all of this together. it is kind of nice to have a reason for being so blue, but now that i’ve recognized it i think it’s even worse. it’s like i’ve given up fighting the depression and am just letting it sink in, way down deep in my soul. i have little hope that the issue for which i am undergoing treatment will be resolved positively. a friend told me once, without hope we have nothing. that just breaks my heart because i think i’ve lost all trace of hope that i might have had.

so where does this leave me? one of these days i might muster enough motivation to call my doctor and see if there is an anti-depressant i can go on. i never thought i would need something like that, and am a little ashamed to think that i would need it. however, the effects of medication #1 are really keeping me from functioning like a normal human being should. especially when there is a darling 4-year-old boy who needs his mommy, a husband who needs his wife, friends who need their friend, and 200 students at school who need their teacher. i feel very selfish for wallowing in my depression, but at the same time i just want to be alone. i don’t want to talk. i don’t want to laugh. i don’t want to smile. i just want to cry and zone out and sleep.

to finish, here is a picture of our little family on vacation at the beach this july. unfortunately, that happy, smiling woman in the photo is not the same woman that i look at in the mirror today.

a thought on busy-ness…

Posted by carrie in August 28, 2010

Things have been pretty hectic around here with the return to school this week. I was at school every day from 7-5 preparing my 3 classrooms & office for the start of the school year on Monday. While I am not all that excited to go back to a busy schedule and off of summer vacation, I am ready to get back into a routine and am excited for all of my plans for this school year.

Without much free time this week, I was able to get a bit of knitting done on my top-down raglan for Susan’s knitalong. It’s coming along pretty well, although I’m pretty nervous for the steps that are coming!

Tonight we are off to see the Billy Bauer band play at a restaurant downtown, after having spent the day painting our bedroom & master bath! But first we are going out to dinner with some friends. A very productive day, now time to get ready for a fun night out with adults!